Raspberry Parfait


Time for some delicious LOVE food! Easy and quick, tasty and sweat! Make it for you and your loved ones, surprise them with your creativity and initiative.

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After Sex on the beach


SEX ON THE BEACH! Fun and refreshing, sunny and summery! But what after? What if I tell you that there is actually existing AFTER SEX! Don’t get confused, we’re only talking about cocktails! Oh yeah, tons of SUN requires lot’s of FUN!

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Delicious FRUIT TART


Who doesn’t like cake? Who doesn’t like to stay in shape? Well, those two things don’t quiet match one another! If you would like to add some sugar on the menu, you know that fruits are man’s best friend! Fresh and juicy, “bad”-sugar free and body friendly – The QUEEN of food – FRUIT!

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Strawberry & Arugula SALAD


Time to add strawberries at your daily menu. We go healthy but funky at the same time with this simple & fabulous salad. Try to make it, and trust me as high the simplicity of making is, the same level the greetings to the Chef will be!

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Fried EGGS like a BOSS


Who said that eating fried eggs cant be fun? Not only it can be joyful, but also can be innovative and romantic. Prepare them for you as a morning treat, for your children as a morning sun&fun breakfast, for your loved ones.

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Unique WEDDING CAKE ideas


The wedding is like a picture perfect PUZZLE, that if a part is missing would not be complete and as perfect as it can be. Agree? From wedding dress, to invitations, decorations and of course the center piece of the event, the crown of the wedding is for certain her Majesty - THE WEDDING CAKE!

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Leftover Easter eggs recipes


Easter time is over, but Easter eggs are still here. I bet that everyday you witness 1000 Easter eggs recipes whether you’re at home or somewhere else. From filled eggs, to egg salads, meatloaf with eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs …

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Appetite Appetizers


Small, tasty, delicious by taste, feast for the eyes, splash of colors, luxurious in every sense of the word. Gourmet, fruity or vegetable, sauce or meaty, with high priced prosciutto or regular salami, appetizers are every gathering best friend.

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Apple SWAN decoration


Check out this incredible food art. Looks amazing, doesn’t it! But, what if I tell you that is as quite simple as it is beautiful? No chance right! YES chance I say.

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Supreme green!


  BROCCOLI – Full with cancer fighting antioxidants, Vitamin C, beta-carotene and folate which keeps your immune system healthy and happy and actually reduces the risk of cataract and heart disease.

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