NEW PIZZA – To eat or not?


Crunchy, crispy, cheesy, with mushrooms, pepperoni, olives, some prosciutto on … Everybody loves good PIZZA! The history of pizza starts in Italy, or in Greece maybe? Actually the history of the dish itself is not very clear or well documented.

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Delicious PANCAKES coming right up!


  Morning brunch, daily meal or an evening snack, pancakes are a treat anyway you turn it. Regular and fluffy, chocolate ones, raspberry, blueberry any berry you ask for, with syrup on it, some fruit maybe, you make your own favorite..

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Sinus Free/Post-Workout/Detox FRESH JUICE’s


Fresh juices are recommended to consume anytime, anywhere in any form or composition. Why take pills when you can have it all in one glass. Options are unlimited as you assumed, so for start you can try this 3 suggestions that actually have particular healing effect on human body.

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Time to get our feet wet, so get into the kitchen, turn up some funky music and let the magic begin. Its time to make the ultimate Chocolate Chip cookies .. Wo-Hoooo   Easy & quick, tasty & sweat … what more can you possibly want?   To make around 20 cookies you need: 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 tsp ...

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Family POPEYEing


SUNDAY – the self-proclaimed FAMILY day is in sight. Time when family gathers on a joint lunch; Time to prepare something tasteful in the kitchen and Wow your beloved ones with some delicious meal. Are you ready to get your feet wet? Does POPEYE ring a bell? Healthy & Tasty, fill with protein, IRON, vitamins and minerals. 1.      Spinach & ...

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It’s Burger&Fries FAMILY time

Mega burger

How about this idea … Tell the family that today is going to be a yummy family day. Let them have some light breakfast so they can enjoy the street feast made by you.  We’ll keep it as simple as we can, so the original flavor can be tasted to the max. Burgers and fries‘with a twist are on the menu today. ...

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