How to get FAT out of FAT PEOPLE?


OBESITY is a problem! It’s not a state of mind, it’s NOT something that needs to be neglected, NO, it needs to be faces up and fight against! What is the right way to do it? Is there any progress in these everyday fights? Is the percentage of obese people falling down? 

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The Hollywood Government of USA


Looking at the events happening, the celebrities making it, and the rest of us just watching it, we were wondering … If we had a DeLorean (‘Time Machine’ from ‘Back to the future’ movie) to “escape” these events

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FUN & SAD truth on smartphones


You will agree on this one! Smartphones are connecting people through the net but separating them in reality. How many times did you set down with your friends and had more fun with your phone instead with the actual people at the table? SAD but TRUE! 

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