Friday LOVE

Lovely BABY Photography


Photography is ART. And what greater art then these amazing inspirational baby shots … Let your lovely ones shine. One picture million words, or million pictures one word … LOVE 

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Morning landscapes from a tent


Imagine a fresh morning breeze, somewhere in the nature, by the lake, in the mountains, just you and your tent … Ok, you might bring someone along to enjoy the grace of the morning sun and the night stars together with you.

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Tattoos 4 INFINITY


Tattoos last a lifetime. Before getting the infinity ink on your body, make sure about the mark you’re about to add. Since is for eternity make it an infinity! Romantics used it to represent eternal, unconditional love and the desire for something to last forever.

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Best friends are so hard to find .. But when you do find them it feels like your life is complete! Your soulmate, your partner in crime, your bestie is always IN!

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Make your own CHOCOLATE bouquet


You know you can get this beautiful arrangement from the local shop, but how about doing it your way, your favorite sweets rapped in a colored paper chosen by you. Make it fabulous, make it unforgettable – simply spectacular!

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Wine View LOVE


With the right set mood, a warm atmosphere, a great view and a camera in your hands … You cant go wrong! Here is some magic through magic …

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