In LOVE with the SUN


        Life is good. I’m here, sitting with some morning coffee, reading this article about LOVE, on this beautiful day (oh yeah it’s Friday wo-hoo, be free to yell)! Today I praise the Lord for giving us this light-creator, day-maker, smile-popper – his majesty: THE SUN!

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FB time


   I think that, no NO no, I’m certain that everybody thought that this was about FaceBook right.. Although it is a worldwide brand and engine, this story will be about something else. It’s a life changing experience, a book that will shake all of your brain cells. Written by two “no hair, quite a wisdom” Swedish Academics, that inspired ...

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Where would I go without You? What would I do without You?  My friend, my partner in crime, my BFF, my soul mate, my everything. You aspire me to be a better, bigger person, you complement my soul, you make me  complete.

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Getting some Marilyn wisdome


           Do not get fooled … I’m telling you, don’t let that pretty smile and gorgeous body, make you think that behind that embodiment of perfection lies no brain .. In contrary, we can learn so much from her, the Blond sex symbol of the world, one and only – Marilyn Monroe. Let’s start from the beginning. “Imperfection is beauty, ...

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