Fabulous F words


What do you think when you hear the word FRIDAY? Oh yeah, it’s all about FUN FUN FUN! So in terms of uplifting your Friday spirit we’ll share with you some of the most Fabulous F words that go along with Funky Friday …

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Explore and Enjoy LIFE


How is life? Everything good and cozy or maybe a little boring and mediocre? Did the monotony of life already got you? Does every day look the same, like you’re reliving all over and over again?

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Love is in the air. It’s all around us, it’s in all of us. We cannot see it, we cannot touch it, we can just feel it. Just like Love, HAPPINESS is in the air, everywhere.

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Always speak up!


Time has come the world to hear your voice. Stand up straight and express yourself. Reveal your thoughts, be who you are and nothing less than that. If you wanna be heard, you need to let loose of your voice, in all parts of life.

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Wanna live a HAPPY LIFE?


Time for some positive thoughts … Sit down, relax and think for a second … What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of living? What is the secret behind LIVING A HAPPY LIFE?

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MAN models FALL too!


Ok, we all know that female models fall on the runway all the time, and we can understand that cause of the fact that they usually are up on 16+ high heels …

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