Funny PUMA versions


When PUMA takes over! Or is it FUMA .. or UMA :)) Versions unlimited! Which one is the best … can you pick one or there are several winners? I love this funky human mind …

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Sleeping CAT positions!


CAT - Cuddly Adorable Treasure! Who has it knows it that cats are the ultimate cuddling creatures which presence fills the soul, eyes, and heart. Just as humans, they also love to sleep. As you can see they have mastered the sleeping part.

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PRANK Time Vol.2


Today is the day people! Still not figured out what prank you’ll use … Don’t panic … Pranking time vol.2 is in da house. Choose wisely and laugh loudly! Don’t wait, go and get them!

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WARNING! Crazy content!


And so the madness continues … Flip-flops, sneakers, high heals, all foot wear into crazy wear … coffee, boxing, pool-dancing, nature, animals, kitchen gadgets; you name it .. everything is a start for a unique design creation

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