GOOGLE knows it ALL!


GOOGLE belongs to US and WE belong to GOOGLE. If you don’t know something JUST GOOGLE IT! If you want to go somewhere, read more about something, see more, do more … you simply ASK GOOGLE! 

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SHARON STONE is looking STUNNINGLY HOT at age of 57!!! She exposed her naked body in a sophisticated black and white photos in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, proving that the star of Basic Instinct was, is and will be the ultimate SEX SYMBOL for life! 

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Is Kim Kardashian an ATTENTION ADDICT?


This is getting almost too far! Yes we are used to it, and yes she’s done it before, but hey, what now? Is it because all of the attention turned towards her swagger sister Kylie, since she turned 18, few days ago? Or maybe is because she simply does not know other way?

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Rihanna & Lewis Hamilton get WET in Barbados


The Queen of Swag aka Bad Gal Riri – RIHANNA is having a wet blast with her hubby, the Formula One champ – Lewis Hamilton, in Barbados! Seems like this two are quite well enjoying each others company, since they were also together at the Kadooment Day parade on the island. They make a sweet couple, don’t they! Enjoying on ...

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