SPICE GIRLS will UNITE the world!


Hear hear with your music ear! SPICE GIRLS will REUNITE! Oh yeah, we say GIRLS JUST DO IT! The generations that listened and loved their music will unite since they were a symbol, more like a MUSIC ICON of the time!

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Nicki ‘ANACONDA’ Minaj in Madame Tussauds


“ICONIC”!That is the exact word that the hip hop diva – Nicki Minaj used on her Instagram page to describe how privileged she is that this ‘piece of art’ is immortalized in honor of her work. Accept it or not, she is the ICON of our time! Lets check the facts … Naked BIG ASS – Checked! TWERKING capabilities – Checked! NASTY lyrics – ...

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Space Jam Bam!


Looney Tunes heat up the game! With Blake Griffin playing a “just super talented human” and his co-star, Marvin the Martian, miracles happen when they face up in a DUNK CONTEST on Venice Beach. 

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Kelly and the Karma


What goes around comes always back around. As we all know, sometimes our mouths, and tongues along with them, are much faster than the brain itself! We live in a world where you can think anything you want, but hey, not everything should be shared as if it’s not for the global well being, peace, equality above all and we’ll ...

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Finger TATTOO ideas


Hidden, small cuteness. That’s how we’ll describe the old but new art trend that is showing us the way. Pick it up with style! Time has come for the FINGER .. just let it LINGER! 

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Make your own SUMMER TATTOO


All natural, no nееdles, no ink, no pain or money spending. It’s free, sexy and trendy all the way! You just need to put some sun cream on the place you want your tattoo to be, shape it as you like it to be and start tanning.

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Curvy Khloe goes Complex


Khloe Kardashian made some incredible hot shoots for the August/September issue of Complex magazine. She showed of her curvy body, for which she’s working her ass off and still doesn’t feel comfortable in. We’ll say daaaaaaaaaaamn Khloe you look F***ING PHENOMENAL!!! You invest time and sweat in your workouts and that shows off pretty well! Keep on the good work ...

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