Curvy Khloe goes Complex


Khloe Kardashian made some incredible hot shoots for the August/September issue of Complex magazine. She showed of her curvy body, for which she’s working her ass off and still doesn’t feel comfortable in. We’ll say daaaaaaaaaaamn Khloe you look F***ING PHENOMENAL!!! You invest time and sweat in your workouts and that shows off pretty well! Keep on the good work ...

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At 46 Jennifer Lopez is SMOOKIN HOT!!!


No words are needed for the ultimate diva of non aging, dancing queen, pop idol Jennifer Lopez! She looked smookin HOT at her 46th birthday party at the Hamptons. Well ladies what can we say, IDOL 4 LIFE! Pictures says it all … The mother of two proudly wearing her sexy little black outfit stepped at the red carpet holding ...

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Naked & Bloody RIHANNA


Check out the new music video of Rihanna for her new single “Bitch better have my money”. Bizarre but always unique she catches the attention in her own dramatic way. Looking chill and relaxed while she lies down naked and covered with blood in a chest full of money. Totally Riri! Here it is … Enjoy:

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MADONNA – The Ultimate DONNA of POP


Madonna showed the world that as a Queen she is not ready to give away the tron of pop! She’s riding it with pride and no prejudice for decades and she sure is continuing even though she’s almost 57 years old. The line behind her is pretty big and everybody has there own space in the music heaven but a ...

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Waxy Schwarzenegger scares fans


Who else can pull a hilarious prank, raise money and promote a movie at the same time, except the one and only Terminator - Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actor and former governor surprised his fans at the Madame Tussauds in Hollywood. The video that immediately went viral shows the scarry and right after smiley faces of the people when the “wax” figure ...

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Naked for Sport


This might be the ultimate way of cheering your representation in future! The TV presenters will get their popularity sky high, the rating of the TV station will also get excellent results and the players will be rocket motivated! What more can you ask for? Triple WIN situation! A group of female television presenters have stripped naked to message their ...

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