Cars passing by, people passing by, thoughts passing by … moments pass.

What would it be if it would be? There’s no yesterday, only today, just forward and further on. We pass through life unnoticed, most of us superficially unrecognized. We push through to spend the next day, and the next day, and the next day.

We live for the weekend but not for every day of the week. Oh it’s Monday (sad); Oh when will Friday come; Oh man, its Sunday already, and tomorrow Monday again (sad) oh, oh, oh…

And again, and again. Till when? When are we going to say: STOP, I don’t wanna live this way anymore!? I want to make something of myself, of my life, of my existence, I want to leave a mark, for me and everybody to know that I lived, I created, I caused smiles on other faces, I lived happy and was making other happy …

Yes, I exist.

Yes, I can.

Yes, I will.

Yes, I !

This page will cover all normal, standard, daily and uncommon, mystical and intriguing parts of life, of space, of the universe. We’ll discover things together that we have might not known, but we were always wondering about. We’ll learn to live free, with no restraints and shackles of everyday life, of human limitations, no prejudices. Relaxed and open till the end.

They say that there are no limits of human stupidity. I say there are no limits of the human imagination. It’s all in our hands, same as our destiny. The way we perceive things, what happens or what we want to happen, what we aspire for and the activities we perform for that to be achieved and realized. To realize ourselves; As simple or complicated it might sound.

I’m not here to share wisdom; I just like to do what fulfills me and makes me happy. I like to explore and reveal, I like to tense my brain cells more than usual.

I invite you to join me, together to go into the unknown, towards the untouchable that’s on the tips of our fingers. Together to leave a mark in life. To upgrade ourselves with every passed day.

Let’s POP this LIFE UP!

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