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Celebrity SWAG


If you’re in for a fashion treat, you might as well stop right here … Cause who knows best then the celebrity nest! Feast your eyes on this funky celebrity swag:

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MADONNA – The Ultimate DONNA of POP


Madonna showed the world that as a Queen she is not ready to give away the tron of pop! She’s riding it with pride and no prejudice for decades and she sure is continuing even though she’s almost 57 years old. The line behind her is pretty big and everybody has there own space in the music heaven but a ...

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Simple Perfection – BEYONCE


Simple Perfection – the exact words to describe the tribute to the legendary Stevie Wonder made by the incredible Beyonce, Ed Sheeran & Gary Clark Jr. …  Sensual movements, guitar sex and the ridiculously magical voices created some unforgettable ambiance at the Grammy’s.

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How about having a Life TO DO list hanging on your wall, reminding you everyday of your wishes and desires in life! Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it!

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