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Cute Watermelon Fashion


There is nothing more melon like a tasty watermelon in summer. Full with water, low in calories … Brings down the thirst, and lowers the hunger for other goodies. Can it get any better than that? Well, lets cover up in some awesome watermelon style …

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More than plain WHITE


Just a Simple Plain Ordinary WHITE T-SHIRT … Or an ever-lasting trend that you can match-up with everything your closet has to offer? Basic and comfortable, still sophisticated and urban! Wear it with ripped jeans, denim shorts or maxi skirt … Have FUN!

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Get in LINE


Get in LINE or GET STRIPED! Always funky and chic, modern and fabulous, stripes are in and never out! They longer your legs, makes your waste thinner; well what more can you ask for… Either is the standard black and white, broad or narrow lines, they keep on going. Do your thing and STRIPE YOURSELF!    I know you want ...

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