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Is Kim Kardashian an ATTENTION ADDICT?


This is getting almost too far! Yes we are used to it, and yes she’s done it before, but hey, what now? Is it because all of the attention turned towards her swagger sister Kylie, since she turned 18, few days ago? Or maybe is because she simply does not know other way?

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SPICE GIRLS will UNITE the world!


Hear hear with your music ear! SPICE GIRLS will REUNITE! Oh yeah, we say GIRLS JUST DO IT! The generations that listened and loved their music will unite since they were a symbol, more like a MUSIC ICON of the time!

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Space Jam Bam!


Looney Tunes heat up the game! With Blake Griffin playing a “just super talented human” and his co-star, Marvin the Martian, miracles happen when they face up in a DUNK CONTEST on Venice Beach. 

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