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CHINA and everything is possible! Instead of designer branded and expensive hair accessories China offers cheep plastic decorations that comes in shape of vegetables, fruit and flowers.

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You ARE what you EAT!


National FOOD extravaganza! As part of the promotion for the Sydney International Food Festival, one advertising agency few years ago designed 18 national flags using each country’s traditional food. It’s a proof that food is art and it confirms the saying “We are what we eat”.

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From above …


Some places are simply astonishing! They blind us with its uniqueness and they ALWAYS make a PERFECT PICTURE .. especially taken from above! Here are some of them: 

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What’s for DINNER?


Food is great! Having it prepared by top chefs is even greater! What if I tell you that it can be more than phenomenal? Well of course IT CAN BE, if you actually have them in these amazing restaurants! You’ll wish never to leave that place! ENJOY IT … IT’S JUST LIFE HAPPENING!

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Breakfast around the world


Eggs, bacon, pancakes, sausages, tomatoes, croissant, fruit, coffee, juice … Every nation has different set of traditional breakfast. It might not be the accurate current situation but you’ll agree that it reminds you of that specific country.

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