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Time for the CAMOUFLAGE trend


Time for combat to set the streets free. Letting the casual, funky, fresh and yet stylish in our closets. The camouflage is back. Play with it, set your imagination free and move it like a fashion soldier everywhere you set your foot on.

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Do you feel the joy in the air? The holidays are knocking at the door. Everything around us starts to glitter and take that amazing Christmas spirit. How about you put a little shine into your winter wardrobe? Time for some SPARKLY FASHION …

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Don’t ban the TURBAN


Welcoming the new HOT SUMMER TREND … The motto this year is: “Don’t ban the TURBAN”. Feeling the scent of the distant India, mixed with some Paris glamour is the formula for fashion success today. Wear it – Own it – Play it!

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Appetite Appetizers


Small, tasty, delicious by taste, feast for the eyes, splash of colors, luxurious in every sense of the word. Gourmet, fruity or vegetable, sauce or meaty, with high priced prosciutto or regular salami, appetizers are every gathering best friend.

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