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Let’s LOSE that extra WEIGHT!


Hello Monday. The season of holidays, tasty feasts and delicious dinner gatherings are officially over. A perfect day to start a new chapter of your Book called Life. Time to lose those extra pounds around your belly, thighs, arms … oh wait they’re everywhere!

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At 46 Jennifer Lopez is SMOOKIN HOT!!!


No words are needed for the ultimate diva of non aging, dancing queen, pop idol Jennifer Lopez! She looked smookin HOT at her 46th birthday party at the Hamptons. Well ladies what can we say, IDOL 4 LIFE! Pictures says it all … The mother of two proudly wearing her sexy little black outfit stepped at the red carpet holding ...

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Naked for Sport


This might be the ultimate way of cheering your representation in future! The TV presenters will get their popularity sky high, the rating of the TV station will also get excellent results and the players will be rocket motivated! What more can you ask for? Triple WIN situation! A group of female television presenters have stripped naked to message their ...

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Diet pills – YES or NO!


If you are one of the “lucky” ones that have weight issues, than correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that you’ve already tried to take some slimming “potion”, if not everybody, then the majority of You out there; in terms of diet pills, certain supplements, all kinds of teas, herbs, syrups and else!

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