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Spanakopita bites


Perfect appetizers for the upcoming holidays! They will melt in your mouth, so you better be prepared for magic cause they will disappear so fast in front of your eyes! 

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You ARE what you EAT!


National FOOD extravaganza! As part of the promotion for the Sydney International Food Festival, one advertising agency few years ago designed 18 national flags using each country’s traditional food. It’s a proof that food is art and it confirms the saying “We are what we eat”.

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Pancake CAKE


Still don’t know what to make for dessert? How about this idea … CAKE, but not any cake … a PANCAKE CAKE! Let’s assume you know how to make your pancakes … you know you do! Here are some filling and decoration ideas! Tastealicious! 

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Raspberry Parfait


Time for some delicious LOVE food! Easy and quick, tasty and sweat! Make it for you and your loved ones, surprise them with your creativity and initiative.

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Apple SWAN decoration


Check out this incredible food art. Looks amazing, doesn’t it! But, what if I tell you that is as quite simple as it is beautiful? No chance right! YES chance I say.

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