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Fabulous F words


What do you think when you hear the word FRIDAY? Oh yeah, it’s all about FUN FUN FUN! So in terms of uplifting your Friday spirit we’ll share with you some of the most Fabulous F words that go along with Funky Friday …

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The Hollywood Government of USA


Looking at the events happening, the celebrities making it, and the rest of us just watching it, we were wondering … If we had a DeLorean (‘Time Machine’ from ‘Back to the future’ movie) to “escape” these events

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Rihanna & Lewis Hamilton get WET in Barbados


The Queen of Swag aka Bad Gal Riri – RIHANNA is having a wet blast with her hubby, the Formula One champ – Lewis Hamilton, in Barbados! Seems like this two are quite well enjoying each others company, since they were also together at the Kadooment Day parade on the island. They make a sweet couple, don’t they! Enjoying on ...

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OREO Milkshake


If you are an OREO LOVER, than this recipe will be more than welcome to you. Treat yourself and your friends with this easy breezy delicious Oreo-Cocktail! 

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Waxy Schwarzenegger scares fans


Who else can pull a hilarious prank, raise money and promote a movie at the same time, except the one and only Terminator - Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actor and former governor surprised his fans at the Madame Tussauds in Hollywood. The video that immediately went viral shows the scarry and right after smiley faces of the people when the “wax” figure ...

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Naked for Sport


This might be the ultimate way of cheering your representation in future! The TV presenters will get their popularity sky high, the rating of the TV station will also get excellent results and the players will be rocket motivated! What more can you ask for? Triple WIN situation! A group of female television presenters have stripped naked to message their ...

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