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LOVE LIFE Everyday


LIFE – how fragile that sounds. Today you are here and the next day … well who knows what the next day will bring. The only thing that you can actually do is to live your life. Do the things that bring joy and happiness to you and enjoy every moment and breath you take. Always transmit positive energy and ...

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You wouldn’t wanna miss this!


You might wanna read this … and then, you might as well wanna read it twice … It’s about LIFE, it’s MEANING, it’s WORTH! Small words with BIG message! Watch out, cause it might change your life …

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Modern Fairytale: The Good, Bad and Ugly!


In a little town, somewhere in this beautiful world lived a girl. She was no ordinary girl, oh no. She was a Princess in the kingdom called ‘Her Heart’. She had everything, from family to friends, from wealth to happiness. The only thing she was missing was love, TRUE LOVE.

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Circle of Life


We are all part of the CIRCLE OF LIFE! Every human, old or young; every animal, big or small; every plant, colorful flower or cactus …

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Are You a Walter Mitty?


Walter Mitty – as in dreamer, idealist, escapist, fantasizer .. “Secret life of Walter Mitty” an inspirative life story that show us what is the purpose of life.         Is it dreaming or actually living?  We are all human beings. We dream, in terms of creating mental pictures of what we want to become, the life we ...

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