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So, style is upgrading with every breath we take, but come on, sometimes is like WOW HORSY! For someone a joke but for some the newest beach trend! Check out the bitch on the beach! 

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Come on dude … you only had one job and one job only! Not that we don’t like it, oh yeah it’s hilarious and makes us laugh, but come on! Sometimes we wonder where are the limits of the human “intelligence”? Are we limitless or they are somewhere in the neighborhood? Hmmm … Anyway JUST LAUGH! 

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When STATUES get interesting

Funny-pictures-peopleand statues-5

Statues here, statues there, statues everywhere! You know you have picture with everyone of them, but some guys take this type of photography very seriously. Creative or mad, this is some serious laughing Statue material. See for yourself why … Go to next page for some more …

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Funny LOGO parodies


Did you have a great laugh today? If not, here’s your chance to do so, the proper way – wide and loud! Are these logo parodies just for laugh or they have some hidden message behind them? What do you think? Agree maybe? Check for yourself …

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Funny PUMA versions


When PUMA takes over! Or is it FUMA .. or UMA :)) Versions unlimited! Which one is the best … can you pick one or there are several winners? I love this funky human mind …

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WARNING! Crazy content!


And so the madness continues … Flip-flops, sneakers, high heals, all foot wear into crazy wear … coffee, boxing, pool-dancing, nature, animals, kitchen gadgets; you name it .. everything is a start for a unique design creation

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