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Party in the SNOW!


For this party you need almost nothing ..  Except your friends and some snow outside! Drinks are not a must but since you’re out in the cold you might as well prepare some hot ones.

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Happy RAINBOW party


Yo yo yo party animals … Fresh party ideas in da house! Party is party, BUT when it’s a THEME PARTY then we’re talking! There are lots of ideas that you can choose from, but which one is the best to perform? I bet you’ll find yourself in this one! It includes colors, lots of colors, that associate us on ...

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Sex and the City PARTY


I don’t like to sound sexist, but guys, let this be girls night only, ok. For the preps I believe the title says it all. Tonight is “dress to impress” night, so tell your BFF’s to get their one of a kind, favorite, sexy dresses out of the closet, cause the night is going to be Freaky-Fuckin-Fabulous! High hill’s on, ...

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Hawaiian Party


   Sounds incredible right, and it actually is. One exceptional person, awesome dancer, psychotherapist in progress, creative, positive, funky and a great friend of mine have made this party, and here are some tips&tricks from it. Dressing code: Fresh, as colored as possible, flip flops, t-shirts, everything that associates to Hawaii At the entrance you hand over some of the “must ...

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    How about this idea: funky, fresh, phenomenal, just like you. Color the standard life whiteness in pink. Get some pink balloons, pink candles and some pink paper for start. The invite is best when it’s composed by you and only you. Your words, your style, your party! So get the pinky paper and do your magic. This won’t ...

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