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Curvy Khloe goes Complex


Khloe Kardashian made some incredible hot shoots for the August/September issue of Complex magazine. She showed of her curvy body, for which she’s working her ass off and still doesn’t feel comfortable in. We’ll say daaaaaaaaaaamn Khloe you look F***ING PHENOMENAL!!! You invest time and sweat in your workouts and that shows off pretty well! Keep on the good work ...

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Lovely BABY Photography


Photography is ART. And what greater art then these amazing inspirational baby shots … Let your lovely ones shine. One picture million words, or million pictures one word … LOVE 

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Morning landscapes from a tent


Imagine a fresh morning breeze, somewhere in the nature, by the lake, in the mountains, just you and your tent … Ok, you might bring someone along to enjoy the grace of the morning sun and the night stars together with you.

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Frozen lake in Russia


Lake Baikal is the world oldest and deepest lake. The “nature lake” is a rift lake in the south of the Russian region of Siberia. Experts say that it is approximately 25 million years old and has an average depth of 744.4 meters (2,442 ft). 

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Swiss Alps & Climbers


In honor of the 150th anniversary, Swiss mountaineering producer Mammut Sports teamed up with the brilliant photographer Robert Böesch in order to capture the epic beauty and magical moments happening between the climbers and the mountain in the Swiss Alps ..

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Wine View LOVE


With the right set mood, a warm atmosphere, a great view and a camera in your hands … You cant go wrong! Here is some magic through magic …

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