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Finger TATTOO ideas


Hidden, small cuteness. That’s how we’ll describe the old but new art trend that is showing us the way. Pick it up with style! Time has come for the FINGER .. just let it LINGER! 

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Make your own SUMMER TATTOO


All natural, no nееdles, no ink, no pain or money spending. It’s free, sexy and trendy all the way! You just need to put some sun cream on the place you want your tattoo to be, shape it as you like it to be and start tanning.

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Between chest TATTOO


Are you still considering adding that permanent body art “decoration”? Well how about this spot, between the chest, somewhere near the breasts, close to the hearth …

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Tattoos go TOUGH!


When you wanna memorialize something you take a photo, write it down, paint on your wall … But if you wanna keep it like forever in front of your eyes YOU TATTOO IT! For good and for bad, in sickness and in health, tattoos ROCK … especially when on a girl .. a TOUGH ONE!

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