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Are you ready for sexy SUMMER 2017?


Sexy, fancy and trendy are the words that can describe the new trend that will take over this summer 2017! Its fresh, its new and is SEXY to max! Gotta have these pieces ladies … Be ready for the leg pendant takeover … OWN IT!

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Time for the CAMOUFLAGE trend


Time for combat to set the streets free. Letting the casual, funky, fresh and yet stylish in our closets. The camouflage is back. Play with it, set your imagination free and move it like a fashion soldier everywhere you set your foot on.

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Trendy swim cover ups


Well hello dear lovely summer … Oh where have you been all my life. Time for the beach, party, fun, and oh yeah … lots and lots of fabulous sexy fashion! Swimwear is on and then how about some cool cover up as a finishing touch for your style! Here are some starting points …

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The GOLD fever is back


Holidays are awaiting, trends are collaborating, and for You, be prepared for a massive GOLD fashion RUSH this winter. Its fashionable, it makes a statement and it sparkles bling! Time for some Glamorous GOLD FEVER: 

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GOOGLE knows it ALL!


GOOGLE belongs to US and WE belong to GOOGLE. If you don’t know something JUST GOOGLE IT! If you want to go somewhere, read more about something, see more, do more … you simply ASK GOOGLE! 

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FUN & SAD truth on smartphones


You will agree on this one! Smartphones are connecting people through the net but separating them in reality. How many times did you set down with your friends and had more fun with your phone instead with the actual people at the table? SAD but TRUE! 

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