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Cute Watermelon Fashion


There is nothing more melon like a tasty watermelon in summer. Full with water, low in calories … Brings down the thirst, and lowers the hunger for other goodies. Can it get any better than that? Well, lets cover up in some awesome watermelon style …

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SHARON STONE is looking STUNNINGLY HOT at age of 57!!! She exposed her naked body in a sophisticated black and white photos in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, proving that the star of Basic Instinct was, is and will be the ultimate SEX SYMBOL for life! 

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CHIC is the new FABULOUS


Fashion can be modern, modest or even modish. It’s all good while you dress as you feel. But have you ever felt funky and fresh? How about dressing hip and being in the groovy mood? Well that is the meaning of looking and feeling dashing this summer! BE YOU. BE FABULOUS. BE CHIC!

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Finger TATTOO ideas


Hidden, small cuteness. That’s how we’ll describe the old but new art trend that is showing us the way. Pick it up with style! Time has come for the FINGER .. just let it LINGER! 

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Winter White


Winter. Snow. White. Be one with the nature. Enjoy the season and lightly spice it up. It’s time to make a Winter Fashion 2015 statement! 

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Tattoos 4 INFINITY


Tattoos last a lifetime. Before getting the infinity ink on your body, make sure about the mark you’re about to add. Since is for eternity make it an infinity! Romantics used it to represent eternal, unconditional love and the desire for something to last forever.

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Love being a WOMAN!


1. Women carries and gives birth to another life; Man will never feel that kick in the stomach that the woman will; 2. Women can come in different height sizes, and be cool with it – They have high heel shoes to rise them up;

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