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How to make 2017 the BEST YEAR EVER?


Do you want to be successful? Do you want to engage your creativity, imagination and fantasy in order to fulfill your dreams? Do you want to live in your full potential? Or how about … Do you want to make 2017 the BEST YEAR EVER? The questions can go on and on, but the answer will still remain the same ...

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Time to say THANKS to 2016


January have landed. Its officially 2017. New year, new mornings, fresh start. Time to speed up the tempo and catch up with the new rhythm of life. Well its not new, but come on, you have to give some credits to the new year that’s in front of us.

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LOVE LIFE Everyday


LIFE – how fragile that sounds. Today you are here and the next day … well who knows what the next day will bring. The only thing that you can actually do is to live your life. Do the things that bring joy and happiness to you and enjoy every moment and breath you take. Always transmit positive energy and ...

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Enjoy the rain


Rain. Smells like freshness, feels like love. Is there any other weather that sounds like this .. peaceful and calm? Cold outside but warm in the soul? How can you not love the rain, when there are so many reasons for love? Here are some …

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Outside vs Inside BEAUTY


Beauty is all around us. Beauty comes from you and it glows from me. It creates the magic all around us that create the connections in one magnificent circle called life. With the change of time, beauty takes different shapes and sizes but its core stays the same. Today, would you say that outside is more powerful than inside beauty?

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Alphabet of Life – The Real Life Manual

Alphabet of Life - lifepopper photo post

Life is a gift that has been given to us. It’s a gift that doesn’t come with a manual, a described way of using it the right way. So, we’re all left on our own, to set our paths and try to live life as we like to live or more probably as the society impose us, as we should ...

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Christmas VOW


There is something magical about Christmas. The mood is different, the people … the joy. There are some magical particles in the air, spreading love and happiness everywhere. 

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